artiza higashi azabu

Azabu, the most luxury area in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo that is admired throughout Japan. "Artiza Higashi Azabu" is located close to and facing Tokyo Tower. The rich greenery of Shiba Park is also nearby, providing the warmth of Nature within the suburban heart of Tokyo.


Tokyo is constantly in the world's eye

Tokyo is the center of everything: Japanese business, culture, fashion, etc. Drawn by the power of this city, the population of Tokyo's 23 wards continues to grow each year. The population, which was approx. 9 million in March 2014, was approx. 9.1 million by January 2015. Supported by many people, Tokyo's potential also continues to grow with no limits. Tokyo's trends such as the infrastructure provisions, and redevelopment being promoted in the main areas of the 23 wards in time for 2020, the linear maglev train which aims to start operations in 2027 to connect Tokyo with Nagoya in just 40 minutes, are all just a few things that explain why Tokyo is a center of attention.

CG rendering of Artist's impression of the final appearance
*The artist's rendering is based on the plans, and may differ in reality. Future changes are possible due to planning revisions. Further, the details of the appearance and the equipment and other elements are not shown.
*Plant cultivation for specific seasons and upon moving in presumed and not depicted. Further, shrubbery plans subject to change.
*The aerial image shows the approximate position of "Artiza Higashi Azabu" taken of the surrounding area in December 2012. Actual images may differ. Partially CG-processed.

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